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Johnson hardware furniture co., LTD. Founded in hangzhou1997Years,Cover an area of an area60000Square meters,Is a collection research and development、Design、Production、The sale is a body specialized company,Dedicated to the production of steel、Aluminum metal structures such as office furniture、Civil furniture and its master、Accessories products。
The company has introduced automatic high-tech production equipment,Has a perfect production management system,Passing by20Years of exploration、Improvement,Products have been exported to the Middle East、Africa、In North America、South America、Europe、Australia、Southeast Asia、Russia, etc200To many countries and regions,Accumulate more than thousands of customers,Popular with customers at home and abroad,Is one of the biggest hardware furniture exports in the unit,In the hardware furniture industry has a pivotal position。
We will uphold“By the good faith,Chang to transcend”The corporate philosophy,Abide by“Quality first、Considerate service、The customer is supreme”The principle of,Provides a reliable green environmental protection、Rest assured for the quality of the furniture。Sincerely look forward to the cooperation with you,Hand in hand,To have a better future。

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Hangzhou Johnson hardware furniture co., LTD

The company address:Science and technology park of hangzhou west lake park west eight-way8Number

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Science and technology park of hangzhou west lake park west road6Number

Pass  The true:057aa00081958310(In the province) 85361725(Outside the province)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?057aa00081903076(The foreign trade)

Net ? ? ? The address:Http ://3531218500000

Mail ? ? ? Box:E-mail:hzdechang电子捕鱼器电路图163933333 ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?hzdcwj电子捕鱼器电路图3531218500000